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How Uncertainty Birthed Purpose

COMMUNITY//November 16, 2020 How a Time of Uncertainty Transformed My Life How Extreme Burnout and Loss Birthed My Life Purpose

By April L. Ervin, Chief Peace Officer

Our world has grappled with a great deal of uncertainty over the last several months. In the United States, that uncertainty dramatically increased as we recently experienced a polarizing election. Examining this time in our nation’s history, prompted me to reflect on a time in my own life where I dealt with extreme uncertainty.

In 2011, after what society would consider success my entire life changed. I experienced what my pastor called “A Divine Storm”. In a matter of months, I lost my health, home, business, car, and entire way of being and living. I transitioned from my life in Chicago, back to my hometown in Indianapolis to live with my parents at the age of 42. That was humbling to say the least. I had absolutely no idea what I would do, or where my life would take me. I spent the majority of my early career attempting to be “superwoman”. I thought I could do it all and be all things to all people. The one person who got left behind was ME. After experiencing what I call my “brick wall” moment, I hit extreme burnout and was forced to change. I learned the hard way that:

“Superwoman is a myth, she does not exist”April Ervin

At the time, I did not realize this tumultuous shift was opening the door to a total life transformation. I embarked on a 7-year journey that enabled me to heal – spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, nutritionally, financially, and sexually. I went from extreme burnout out to total restoration. As I transformed from the “inside out”, I also shed 110 lbs. At 5 foot 2, that was a lot of weight to carry. What I now know is I was carrying so much more. God was determined to help me release all that was holding me hostage.

The greatest blessing of my journey was the birthing of my life purpose. My “Divine Storm” allowed me to become an author, speaker and teacher, using my journey for the benefit of others. My most recent release “The Burnout Factor On Leadership: Managing Burnout in a Time of Unprecedented Change”, shares how we can all persevere during one of the most challenging times in our history. I often say that I would not trade my journey for a billion dollars. It was by no means easy to endure. However, my time of uncertainty blessed me beyond my imagination. I am truly a new creation. That time in my life, helped me realize that oftentimes our greatest storms have the most beautiful gifts hidden within. We find those gifts as we embrace our inner resilience and persevere to the other side.

My guidance for anyone facing uncertainty in their lives right now is to hang in there. All might appear stormy, but I am testament there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. #2020NoMoreBurnout #TheBurnoutFactor #ADivineStorm #LeadershipResilience #WeeklyPrompt

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