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If you are a woman in leadership battling BURNOUT, 
it’s time to CHOOSE YOU!

And lessen the stress and have greater peace NOW!


Does this sound familiar:

The pandemic has taken a toll on your MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH.

You are trying to both manage your own challenges of the pandemic and those you lead.

You feel like the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD IS ON YOUR SHOULDERS and are struggling to figure out how to manage everything on your plate.

You WANT TO SUCCEED IN YOUR CAREER, but do not want to sacrifice everything else in your life for work.

You spend far too many days STRESSED, ANXIOUS AND EXHAUSTED and rarely get a good night’s rest.

You know you need to figure out a way to focus on you, but are TOO BUSY SUPPORTING OTHERS IN YOUR LIFE.

You are starting to have ISSUES IN YOUR HEALTH and worry it could get worse.

LIFE IS GETTING MORE CHAOTIC AND LESS ENJOYABLE. You know you need to make a change and soon!


I have walked in your shoes. 

More than 15 years ago, I experienced EXTREME BURNOUT and  almost lost my health because I worked myself to a place of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

I was more than 100 lbs. overweight and facing multiple health issues. I struggled with over responsibility and "Superwoman Syndrome" with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I worked 7-days a week trying to prove my value and worth to the world and to myself.


I was a woman in leadership working hard to "earn" the title that had been given to me.


By God's grace, I fully recovered. And while I still have remnants of overworking and overdoing - I have learned to quickly re-calibrate and walk in a place of peace and self-acceptance.

As I know we are blessed to be a blessing, my purpose is to help other women in leadership through their journey of burnout and embrace their inner resilience.

Overcome Burnout

If you are ready to OVERCOME BURNOUT once and for all, join me for the “7-Weeks to Greater Peace” Executive Coaching program. Over 7-weeks I will intimately work with you and other women in leadership on tangible, realistic strategies to lessen the stress and increase your peace!

Week #1:     Managing Burnout In a Time of Unprecedented Change 
Week #2:     Make Taking Care of YOU Your FIRST Priority
Week #3:     Mind Your Mental Health  
Week #4:     Mind Your Emotional Health   
Week #5:     Mind Your Physical Health  
Week #6:     Uprooting the Roots of Burnout
Week #7:     Hitting the Reset: Embracing Your Inner Resilience 


Expected Impact and Results:

  • Individualized Leadership Assessment

  • Strategic Professional Development and Leadership Guidance

  • Tangible Strategies to Navigate the Pandemic

  • Decreased Stress, Anxiety and Exhaustion

  • Strengthened Mental, Emotional, Physical Health

  • Improved Health and “Wealth” Management

  • Improved Professional and Personal Relationships

  • More Focused and Fulfilled Leadership and Life

  • Increased Spiritual Clarity and Strength 

  • Greater Time For Self and Family


"Working with April Ervin through the pandemic and all that 2020 threw at us was an absolute blessing.  April helped me to find the balance, strength, support, and focus that I needed in order to continue to lead during unprecedented times without losing myself or the mission in the process.  I will always be grateful that April came into my life, coached, and supported me when I needed it the most.”

What's Included: 

  • Access to all ZOOM LIVE recordings for any sessions you are unable to participate in

  • Private weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom  

  • Private Facebook Group to share our progress in putting  the weekly recommendations into action and supporting each other on this journey

  • Weekly accountability action steps to make sure we stay on track to OVERCOME BURNOUT

  • Individual coaching sessions to strategize on any URGENT challenges and issues


and live the life you truly deserve!

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