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 Is this Tribe right for you?    

You feel like the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD IS ON YOUR SHOULDERS and are struggling to figure out how to manage everything on your plate.

Your WANT TO SUCCEED IN YOUR CAREER, but do not want to sacrifice everything else in your life for work.

You spend far too many days STRESSED, ANXIOUS AND EXHAUSTED and rarely get a good night’s rest.


You know you need to figure out a way to focus on you, but are TOO BUSY SUPPORTING OTHERS IN YOUR LIFE.

You are starting to have ISSUES IN YOUR HEALTH and worry it could get worse.


LIFE IS GETTING MORE CHAOTIC AND LESS ENJOYABLE. You know you need to make a change and soon!



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Join the Greater Peace NOW Tribe

Let's come together as a community to experience greater peace and overcome burnout once and for all! 

JOIN THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. This will be our place to come together and support each other with resources, guidance and connections as we walk this pathway towards GREATER PEACE TOGETHER. 

I'LL GO LIVE TO ENGAGE THE COMMNITY . I'll share the personal strategies I've used to move from a life stress, overworking and poor health. I'll help you to do the same! 

TIME FOR Q&A. During each session we will strategize on solutions for the personal challenges you are dealing with.

SPECIFIC TOOLS AND RESOURCES. I'll share tools and resources I and my clients have used to decrease  the stress, overwork and anxiety in our daily lives.

ACTION PLANS. I'll share with you some of the strategies included in "The Burnout Factor" and how to put them into action each day.

Client Testimonial

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I first met April through a leadership development program where I was assigned to her mentor team. April served as my Executive Leadership Coach where she provided expert-level guidance and helped coach me through a pivotal transitional period in my career where I was creating unnecessary stress for myself due to my desire for control. Once she helped me understand that I needed to relinquish a level of authority and decision-making to my staff, I was able to implement these instructions and I have since seen my staff flourish, thus freeing up my time for higher level leadership. My coaching sessions were forward in thought, challenging, and often left our sessions feeling inspired, encouraged, and energized. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world, April!

Duane Ingram, Chief Operating Officer — SFI Risk Services


Are you ready to ELIMINATE BURNOUT?