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Author, Coach, Leader

April Ervin is Managing Partner and “Chief Peace Officer” of Sustainable Leadership, LLC. A workplace well-being consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations sustain effective leadership and create healthy cultures. She is committed to addressing the epidemic of burnout that plagues far too many executive women in leadership. An issue that has greatly magnified with the pandemic.


With 25 years of a diversity of leadership experiences, April intimately knows the challenges leaders face. Like far too many, she spent years working to the point of exhaustion sacrificing self for the sake of mission. She supports her clients see there is another way. That it is possible to serve your purpose AND live a healthy, balanced, fulfilled life. April is an avid believer that a more holistic approach to leadership development will have a transformative impact on the state of our world.

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Her Goal: To Help 1 Million Executive Women Overcome Burnout


Over a 7-year period April experienced a complete professional and personal life transformation. This transformation enabled to live a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life of purpose . She is committed to helping others do the same. In working with April, clients experience:

  • Greater Daily Peace and Balance 

  • More Focused and Fulfilled Life Purpose

  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety

  • Increased Spiritual Clarity and Strength  

  • Strengthened Emotional Healing and Balance

  • Improved Health/Weight loss

  • Increased Mental Clarity and Peace of Mind

  • Greater Time For and Love of Self

  • Improved Professional and Personal Relationships

  • Increased Financial Freedom

Client Testimonial

Amy Swann Headshot (Matchbook Learning).

Working with April Ervin through the pandemic and all that 2020 threw at us was an absolute blessing.  April helped me to find the balance, strength, support, and focus that I needed in order to continue to lead during unprecedented times without losing myself or the mission in the process.  I will always be grateful that April came into my life, coached, and supported me when I needed it the most.”

Amy Swann, CEO, Matchbook Learning 

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