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Speaker, Educator, Encourager

April is a passionate about encouraging leaders and the organizations that they lead.  She is a highly sought-out speaker and facilitator helping leaders achieve their missions while also creating healthy, sustainable organizations. She has been blessed to speak to audiences of 20 to 1,500. Her in-person engagements have prompted many to begin to transform their professional and personal lives. In 2020, she has translated this same inspiring engagement to online connections with individuals and organizations around the world. 

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Group Discounts on Bundles

When you schedule your next group gathering, receive discounts on workshop bundles to equip all your attendees with the tools to beat the Burnout Factor. 

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For Your Group

Are you ready to end the “Burnout” that too often comes with being a busy leader trying to manage all that comes with your life? That is the work I have been called to do. To support leaders just like you who are diligently working to balance all that comes career, family, health and having a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, too often the one person that receives too little focus is YOU! We can fix that. Let’s work together to stop burnout in your life and help you sustain your leadership and your life!

Client Testimonial

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April is thoughtful and experienced. She helped us to focus and narrow our goals/scope at a time where we were headed in multiple directions. She also helped us assess each of the team’s individual workload - this was especially helpful to hone our aspirational approach vs being realistic with time and capacity. She helped us redefine our mission and vision which we constantly return to. April’s staff retreat was a blessing, she is a delight, she is masterful, and so thoughtful in her approach. Highly recommended! 

Jasmine Burdett, Director of Strategic Partnerships — RISE Indy 

Get your sustainable life now!

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