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Executive VIP Coaching 1:1 

This is the option is for the leader with a real sense of urgency. You are fed up with the stress, overwhelm and dissatisfaction you feel on a daily basis. You feel the “The Burnout Factor” creeping into your life and will do anything to stop it. You are ready to fast-track significant improvements in your role, career, personal life, health, and relationships.

Leadership Team Development

The focus of the “No More Burnout” Workshops and Trainings is to support both leadership and their teams to balance their professional and personal roles, responsibilities and lives more effectively. During our time together, we will examine both the opportunities and challenges you and your teams face and strategize on tangible solutions to prevent burnout and increase sustainability.


7 Weeks to Greater Peace NOW Program

Powerful 7-week program facilitated by April to come together with the Greater Peace Now Tribe to walk through the core guidance in The Burnout Factor. The program will include:

Weekly Facilitated Sessions: 

  • Week #1: Make Ending Burnout A Strategic Priority

  • Week #2: Make Taking Care of YOU Your First Priority

  • Week #3: Mind Your Mental Health

  • Week #4: Mind Your Emotional Health 

  • Week #5: Mind Your Physical Health  

  • Week #6: Uprooting the Roots of Burnout

  • Week #7: Hitting the Reset: Embrace Your Inner Resilience 

Client Testimonial

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“April’s powerful spirit and passion for supporting leaders as they navigate stress, uncertainty, and imbalance is remarkable.  Her commonsense coaching techniques are relevant and applicable.  Our entire team grew from her coaching, leadership workshops, and more.  If you’re looking to put in the work, you’ll grow in more ways than you can imagine.” 

Jasmin Shaheed Young, CEO — RISE Indy

Get your sustainable life now!