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As leaders, our plates are VERY full. We have multiple responsibilities and balls in the air at once. Each day, we work hard to be exceptional leaders, succeed in work and business, lead our teams, raise our families, and support our communities. While we love what we do, we often feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. In this unprecedented year, we are battling BURNOUT at even higher level.


I am here to share with you that YOU HAVE A CHOICE. And, that choice is YOU. It is time for you to commit to taking the best care of you to ensure you can sustain your leadership and your life. It is time for you to activate your inner perseverance and resilience and embrace the peaceful, healthy, sustainable life you deserve.  


Get equipped to extinguish burnout

It is truly possible to eliminate burnout, sometimes you just need the right resources. It’s time to move from chaos to calm, from exhaustion to rejuvenation and from burnout to professional and personal sustainability.

Strength in numbers.

Don’t go it alone.

During this time more than any, we all need our “tribe”. We need those in our community that can deeply relate to our progress and pain. We need others who will stand alongside us to help us to take the best care of self and eliminate BURNOUT once and for all.  


Equip your team to persist.
Experience April live.

April has been blessed to share her wisdom and knowledge with audiences of 20 to 1,500. She greatly enjoys the opportunity to engage and inspire others to eliminate burnout and EMBRACE THEIR INNER RESILIENCE.  

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