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Overcoming Burnout

I am so glad you have decided to CHOOSE YOU! And join me for the 5-day Overcoming Burnout Masterclass. Thank you for trusting me in this journey. We will come together and share ways to lessen the stress, anxiety, and exhaustion we are all dealing with.


Everyday there seems to be something else increasing our stress. With the rise in the pandemic, managing return to work/school, racial injustice, global and political strife - we are dealing with A LOT. Burnout is occurring more than ever before.


That is why I am offering this Masterclass. I've traveled my own journey of overcoming EXTREME burnout and I want to help you do the same!  

Join me as we come together to explore the following:

  • Making Overcoming Burnout a Strategic Priority

  • Make Taking Care of YOU, Your First Priority 

  • How to Do Less and Achieve More

  • Living In Our "Next" Normal

  • Come Together In Community (Don't Go It Alone) 

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