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April Ervin

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leadership resilience expert

Your new sustainable life awaits.

I'm here to help. Leaders, like you, often experience a life of overwork, stress, exhaustion and self-sacrifice due to your dedication to your organization and its mission. I'm here to provide you tools and practices to build a sustainable professional and personal life.

7 Daily Practices for Greater Peace and

Mark your calendar.

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In The Burnout Factor, April provides 7 key steps beneficial for every leader, no matter your profession. However, given her background she has a special place in her heart for education and nonprofit leaders. The Burnout Factor is a step-by-step guide to move from chaos to calm, from exhaustion to rejuvenation and from burnout to professional and personal sustainability. Pre-order your copy today and experience balance in your life tomorrow. 

Hurry, pre-order sale on digital edition ends on November 8

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