​​​​​​Powerful 7-week executive coaching program facilitated by April to help YOU ELIMINATE BURNOUT and gain greater peace and harmony in your life. Weekly sessions will be guided discussions on the following topics: 


Weekly Facilitated Sessions: 

  • Week #1: Managing Burnout In a Time of Unprecedented Change
  • Week#2: Leading and Living in Our “Next Normal”
  • Week #3: Minding Your Mental Health
  • Week #4: Minding Your Emotional Health
  • Week #5: Minding Your Physical Health
  • Week #6: Uprooting the Roots of Burnout
  • Week #7: Hitting the Reset: Embracing Your Inner Resilience 


Additional program benefits: 

  • Access to ZOOM/FACEBOOK LIVE recordings for all sessions
  • Private weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom  
  • PowerPoint presentation content for all sessions  
  • Private Facebook Group to share our progress in putting the weekly recommendations into action and supporting each other on this journey
  • Weekly accountability action steps to make sure we stay on track to ELIMINATE BURNOUT

All of this for just $142/week – You are worth that and more!

7 Weeks to Greater Peace NOW Executive Coaching Program