This is the option is for the leader with a real sense of urgency. You are fed up with the stress, overwhelm and dissatisfaction you feel on a daily basis. You feel the “The Burnout Factor” creeping into your life and will do anything to stop it. You are ready to fast-track significant improvements in your role, career, personal life, health and relationships.

  • Two 60-Minute Consultations/Month (Zoom or Teams)
  • Lions Lead Executive Leadership Assessment 
  • Burnout Factor Indicator Assessment 
  • Accountability Coaching Emails
  • Professional and Personal Sustainability Plan(s) 
  • Recommended Daily Practices and Reading Resources
  • 1-Hour Virtual Team Workshop ($297 Value)
  • Greater Peace Now Tribe Month Membership ($67 Value)
  • Autographed Copies of "The Burnout Factor on Leadership" and "The Burnout Factor on Education" ($50 Value)
  • Bonus: Individualized Meditation and Prayer Support

3-Month Urgent Care Executive Coaching Program


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